10 Fathers and Father Figures Who Shaped the Galaxy's Heroes

Family plays a huge part in Star Wars. Without the guidance of influential parents and parental figures, our favorite characters would not become the beloved heroes we’ve come to know. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve gathered a list of father figures who made a huge impact on some of the biggest heroes in the galaxy. Yes, he did push off Luke’s desire to become a pilot, but Uncle Owen did have his reasons. Luke needed a father figure to help him grow into a good man and Owen’s life as a moistur
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“A Man Who Wants to Run” – Finn’s Character Arc in The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi takes our beloved main characters from The Force Awakens on separate journeys that are imperative to their character development: Ben Solo kills Supreme Leader Snoke and solidifies his roots as the bad guy, Rey takes on the symbolic journey of training as a Jedi with Luke Skywalker – or tries to, anyway – and Poe is prepping to become the leader of the new Rebel Alliance (you can read about Poe’s story here). No less important than these is Finn’s necessary journey in this film...

In Ron Howard We Trust – Why Solo Still Matters

It’s no surprise that The Last Jedi is taking up every headline this side of the galaxy. The trailer left us with more questions than answers, and TV spots, cast interviews, and a steady stream of tie-ins have kept us speculating about the fates of our beloved heroes and who this Snoke fellow might be. But I want to step away from Episode VIII for a few moments to discuss something that deserves just as much excitement and fanfare: the Han Solo film.

The Women of Star Wars: Why Having Women in Larger Roles is Significant

Establishing women in a powerful role and as equals among the men who dominated the science fiction industry is a huge change in the right direction. Little girls can see Rey or Leia as an inspiration in their own lives. They can utilize the wit and cunning of a very independent General Leia (especially if they read Bloodline by Claudia Gray). They can be inspired by Padme fighting against evil politics and helping the hurt and abandoned.