From a Certain Point of View: What’s the Best Scene in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

One of the great things about Star Wars is that it inspires endless debates and opinions on a wide array of topics. Best bounty hunter? Most powerful Jedi? Does Salacious Crumb have the best haircut in the saga? In that spirit, presents From a Certain Point of View: a series of point-counterpoints on some of the biggest — and most fun — Star Wars issues. In this installment, two writers consider what they believe to be the best moment in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

7 Star Wars Characters Who Changed Galactic History by Switching Sides

If Star Wars has taught us anything, it’s that there is an ambiguity to good and evil and the lines between what is right and wrong are often muddied. Each side in a conflict has their own idea of a moral code and what is considered ethical. But our ideas, and sometimes our allegiance, can shift as we grow and learn more. Star Wars is about hope for the future and that future is often shaped by people who have the courage to choose a different path and fight for what they believe in. In fact, s

NYCC 2018: The Making of Lucasfilm's Our Star Wars Stories Digital Series

On Friday at New York Comic Con, Matt Martin of Lucasfilm Story Group and Jordan Hembrough (Toy Hunter) took a deeper dive into Lucasfilm’s new digital series, Our Star Wars Stories, which focuses on fans’ amazing journeys with the saga. In the panel, Martin (moderator and a producer of the show) and Hembrough (host and producer), talked about the production of Our Star Wars Stories from conception to finish, and were joined by four of the fans interviewed for the show: Albin Johnson, Christina

10 Fathers and Father Figures Who Shaped the Galaxy's Heroes

Family plays a huge part in Star Wars. Without the guidance of influential parents and parental figures, our favorite characters would not become the beloved heroes we’ve come to know. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve gathered a list of father figures who made a huge impact on some of the biggest heroes in the galaxy. Yes, he did push off Luke’s desire to become a pilot, but Uncle Owen did have his reasons. Luke needed a father figure to help him grow into a good man and Owen’s life as a moistur